About Us

About Our Adult Day Care Facility

Assistance and Resources for Caregivers

Primrose Lane Adult Day Care is owned and operated by Michelle Garza. The managing partners of Primrose Lane have a combined total of more than 30 years of experience in the management and operations in Senior Living and Geriatric Behavioral Health organizations. We have worked together for the past eighteen years and recognized the need for an affordable alternative to Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care after caregivers expressed a need for a safe environment during the day that would enable seniors to remain in their homes. Our superior staff provides services, which include Alzheimer’s care, medication management, incontinence care and more, from our well-equipped facility located in San Antonio, Texas. We combine our extensive training, years of experience and commitment to excellence to deliver specialized, compassionate daily care services.

Those We Care For

With age comes a wide range of health issues that can affect an elderly person’s ability to maintain independence, yet all of these health issues are different and require different methods of management. Primrose Lane Adult Day Care takes a personalized approach to adult day care, and utilizes a variety of innovative care services for each of our senior members.

Our Promise

It is important that the family who is caring for these dependent individuals be provided the tools, knowledge and resources they need to maintain, if not improve, their senior family member’s quality of life. Primrose Lane Adult Day Care offers caregivers resources, education and classes, as well as support groups so that you can connect with others in the community who can relate with your struggles and joys.

Our Leadership

Andrea Davis, Director

Andrea Davis received her associate’s degree in medical billing and coding from Career Point College. She is currently continuing her education to receive her bachelor's degree in health care administration from Southern New Hampshire. She worked in management at Memory Care of Westover Hills. In addition to her role in management, she is a wife, mother, grandmother, and a sibling of one sister.

Dee Stallworth, LVN

Dee Stallworth graduated as an LVN from the Galen College of Nursing, San Antonio in June 2020. She was a CNA prior to becoming an LVN. Dee is currently in school to complete her RN at Alamo Colleges. Dee has experience in long-term care facilities, hospice care, assisted living, memory care, pediatric nursing, psychiatric field nursing, and wound care.

Dee is married with two children and enjoys being with them all the time. She is a foodie and enjoys cooking all types of food. Dee also enjoys bonding with Primrose members, hearing their stories, and gaining knowledge from each member. It makes her happy to know members enjoy their time at Primrose and she aims to make each day fun. Dee prides herself on providing safe and effective care to each individual.

“I can’t thank you enough for the care and attention you gave to my husband over the past year/s. This has been a very difficult time for our family, but we are very grateful for the care you gave him. You greatly helped keeping him at home as long as possible. Your staff treated my husband with kindness, and caring. You contributed and maintained my husband social, physical and mental well being as long as possible. You kept me updated on his needs and condition. You provided moral support both to my husband and myself.”

- Current Client

“My mother knows I am her daughter but has not called me by my name in over a year. This past weekend for the first time in a very long time, she called me by my name. I wanted to cry. She has been going to Primrose Lane Adult day care for only 3 weeks. I believe the physical and mental stimulation from attending this center is the reason she now uses my name.”

- Relative of a resident

“I was thinking about how you often cope with the passing of a member at Primrose, and how difficult that must be for you all. You are in such a giving profession, and I commend you for the gentle care and engaging interaction you provide for so many seniors in their times of need. You and everyone at Primrose have been such blessings in our lives, and most importantly during the last years of my sweet mom, Jody. I have such fond memories of the crafts she brought home, and how excited she was to tell me she won a game of Bingo! You all have done an outstanding job of caring for my mom with love, patience, exceptional understanding, humor, and dignity. Thank you Michelle for founding Primrose, and choosing the best individuals to provide such wonderful care for our loved ones.”

- A relative of a past resident

“Primrose Lane Adult Day Care has exercises multiple times a day, cognitive exercises for the brain like arts and crafts, music therapy, and word recognition. They serve breakfast, lunch, and two snacks every day. My mother has a special diet and because they specialize in memory care and are very familiar with what she needs, they accommodate her dietary needs very well. It’s very comforting because there are always nurses on-site. The staff, the leaders, and the owners have all been in the care services for over 20 years, so they’re very specialized. They are very aware of the type of changes Mom was going to go through and prepared me for that. They were also very patient with the process. The owners are part of the staff, and I’ve never been in there where there hasn’t been two of the three owners present.”

- A relative of a member

“To my darling team of love providers, thank you for the countless ways big and small you help my mom. I’m just a grateful bystander. If she could articulate it as the woman I knew back in the day that would be something. Present day I’ll step in her place and thank you on behalf of the entire XXXXXXXX clan!”

- A present relative of resident

“Thanks for the loving care you give my husband. You’ve made a big difference in our life”

-Spouse of a resident

“I am so lucky to have my mother at Primrose Lane. This is a very clean and responsive facility. My mother suffers with dementia and started going to the facility two months ago. I can go to work and know she is well taken care of and there are activities to occupy her mind. I have seen a change in Mom and the staff is great. The facility is near my house and very convenient.”

- Child of resident

“Primrose Lane is a new adult day care in our area. For what we need, I think it is a very affordable option in general. They have a very nice open and very clean facility. I really like the fact that it is small and that there’s not many people there. This is nice because I know that my mom is getting lots of one-on-one attention. The staff is very helpful. They always give me updates about what kind of day that my mom had. If she is having any extra problems, they would give me advice on how to care for her. They also have a nurse on staff every day. This daycare provides lots of great activities for the people who stay there during the day. Socially, my mom gets that interaction with other people there. What I like best about this day care is the individualized care that they have for each client. They take everything into consideration from the toiletries to dietary needs. If my mom needs special meal requirement, they see to it that she gets that. I absolutely recommend this to others.”

- Relative of a resident

“My mother is new to adult day care and enjoys her time at the center. I have peace of mind now and love that when I pick her up she is nestled amongst a couple of gals looking happy. They work with them during the day. My mom has even gone back to being more cognitive at home now and is interacting more. After the first week I brought her home and she said. Ok, what’s next with a big smile on her face. I love that she gets so much attention and she is responding well. I didn’t know if she would “go” with the idea or concept of Adult Daycare. All my fears have been washed away. Another great thing is they were able to get her to eat a bit more. This was starting to be a worry of ours. Thank goodness for Primrose Lane.”

- Relative of a resident

“We did a research on Primrose Lane Adult Day Care and were impressed. My husband comes to the center at least three times a week. They give him exercises, including cognitive exercises. The staff is very caring. They seemed to do the right things. The place had beds and showers. The clients have lunch and snacks in between. It was the best choice we made.”

- Spouse of a resident

“I stopped by Primrose to check it out. Looks like a place anyone would be comfortable in. It is bright & cheery place.. I was able to visit with the three owners. They all blew me away with their experience of dealing with seniors with Alzheimer’s. I signed my Dad up right away. I am counting the days until my Dad can start spending his days there.”

- New Member

“I have gone to visit this place as a possible option for my mother who is going to be needing assistance soon when I return to work. I am a bit nervous about having to do this but the lady who talked to me there and showed me around made me feel a little at ease, which is more of why I liked this place more than others I saw. It looks very clean and also sounded like there would be plenty for my mom to keep busy during the day. Liked it here.”

- Visiting